White river rock (white rubble)

  • . Rubble or river rock is one of the functional and widely used rubble among river rock

    . In most commercial centers, this type of stone is used outdoors as well as indoors

    . White river stone is a type of stone widely used in landscaping design of commercial, recreational, tourism, residential centers, etc

    . This type of stone is mostly considered by most architects and designers for landscaping

    : Advantages of using river stone

     White color has a special sale among other colors of this type of stone due to its neutrality and ease of harmonizing it with other natural and also unnatural color

    . The sales record among the different colors of this type of stone is given in white

    : Size and size of white river rock

     The custom for this type of stone (white river stone) is mixed but in general

    : We want to name the different sizes of this stone as follows

    1-3 cm

     3-5 cm

    5-7 cm

    7-9 cm

     9-12 cm

      12-15 cm

    : Buy white river stone online

     Generally, a high tonnage of this type of stone is stored in factories, but in some cases, due to the high volume of orders and sales, it is possible that customers’ orders are placed in the shipping queue, which of course is not a cause for concern

    . This is done in the shortest time and there are no additional delays for customers

     Also, Pardis Sazeh Company allows you to send the length, width and height of your desired place to perform the relevant activity, calculate the amount of stone used for you and inform you

    : Shipping and loading

     The proposed price is the delivery price from the factory door

    . After delivery from the factory door, with the coordination of freight, the stones can be transported anywhere in the country

     For ease in calculating the price and amount of stone transportation you can refer to the table below

     Vehicle type load weight

     Arrow pickup 500-700 kg

     Nissan pickup 2-2.5 tons

     East 3.5 tons

     6 wheels 10 tons

     There are many factors that affect the quality of these stones

     22ton trailer

     10 wheels 16 tons

     Factors affecting the quality of white river rock:

      Use of additives to increase polishing and transparency

    Buy one type of rock from the same mine

     (Because if a type of stone is purchased from different mines, the change in color and quality between the stones is obvious)

    Do not use the same devices for different stones

      How to crush the stones and break them into smaller pieces

    How is the quality of the mineral stones from which you purchased this type of stone

    The quality of the devices used to process the stones

     Applications of white river stone

     White color is in good harmony with other different colors, so the use of white rubble is much more than other colors


      Landscaping of various commercial, residential, garden, villa and …


      Dry and artificial river


      Florists for decoration

    In the space around the trees

     In the facade of the building, garden, villa, etc.

    Fire temple and fireplace

      Aquariums with different sizes (large and small)

    Fountains of residential, commercial, entertainment, hotels

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